Modern Ludo

# Solution


  1. The dice enables positions 2 to 7 to be reached in 1 step from position 1. It is a bit misleading as the dice has nothing to do w/ probability
  2. For each starting point in connections, there might be multiple destinations \rightarrow choose a smaller value to store in dist
  3. A position can reach from 1 to 10 by two connections: [1, 5] and [5, 10]
  4. A node will be revisited and dist would update if the new value is smaller. So it's not a traditional BFS requiring a visited set.
class Solution:
    @param length: the length of board
    @param connections: the connections of the positions
    @return: the minimum steps to reach the end
    def modernLudo(self, length, connections):
        queue = [1]
        dist = {1: 0}
        for d in range(2, length+1):
            dist[d] = sys.maxsize

        while queue:
            head = queue.pop(0)
            for dx in range(1, 7):
                npos = head + dx
                if npos <= length and dist[npos] > dist[head] + 1:
                    dist[npos] = dist[head] + 1

            for k in range(len(connections)):
                if (head == connections[k][0] and dist[head] < dist[connections[k][1]]):
                    dist[connections[k][1]] = dist[head]

        return dist[length]
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