Number of Ways to Stay in the Same Place After Some Steps

# Solution

First of all, that's a long title 😂

This problem is actually hard if done in DP, but DFS is easier.


fail on LeetCode

There is a similar problem on LintCode but would pass b/c the steps is only upto 15. However, on LeetCode, the DFS solution would fail as steps is upto 500.

Base conditions for DFS recursion:

  • pos out of array, return 0
  • steps is 0 and return pos==0 (could further be simplified to: if pos==steps: return 1)
  • pos>steps, not enough steps to go back to starting point, return 0 (this condition prunes some branches and would avoid TLS at input steps=15, arrLen=8)

If we don't have the condition if pos>steps to eliminate branches, would TLS on input steps=15, arrLen=8.


  • time: O(3n)O(3^n) where n is steps
  • space: O(3n)O(3^n) (implicit stack space is the max width of tree)
def numWays(self, steps: int, arrLen: int) -> int:
    MOD = 10**9 + 7

    def dfs(steps, pos) -> int:
        if pos<0 or pos>=arrLen:
            return 0
        if steps==0:
            return pos==0
        # can't get back
        if pos>steps:
            return 0
        return (dfs(steps-1, pos) + dfs(steps-1, pos-1) + dfs(steps-1, pos+1))%MOD

    return dfs(steps,0)

# Recursive DP - Cheating

Basically the same as DFS, but cache the calculated values using decorator lru_cache in functools to store some branches' result.


from functools import lru_cache


def dfs(steps, pos) -> int:
# same as before

# Recursive DP (REDO)



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